Monday, April 9, 2007

Domestic Kettle Study

3D CAD renderings from Pro/Engineer Wildfire 2.0

Bank Branch Mobile Information Kiosk

This was a project from work as part of a presentation
for a mobile teller and information kiosk that would be
placed within a bank branch.

Mail Box Sketches

This should be the last of the mailbox sketches for now.
I have several thousand in my sketch book but limited
room on this blog! In the near future I will turn a few of these
concepts into SolidWorks models and post the renderings.

Office Desking

This is a simple design concept of an office desking system.

Mail Box Sketch

I enjoy sketching very much. I like to develop ideas rapidly
and either draw them "old school" into my sketch book or
develop them further in Solidworks or Pro Engineer.
Here are some very quick studies of a postal mailbox concept
that I played around with a short while ago.

Cellphone / PDA Concept

The back half of this PDA spins allowing rapid movement
through the onscreen menu options. A pick and enter
button, also on the rear side helps to navigate the menu picks.
Voice activation software will allow you to instantly access
commands however the analog movement controls will
allow continued use when voice activation is not practical
such as during business meetings .
A touch screen key pad screen helps to enter custom data
and compose email messages.